Such a misunderstood word. But what is it, really?

Hint: It's not sales.

Answer: Marketing is bringing to light everything your company or non-profit is, everything it can do, and everything it can do that goes beyond meeting a basic need. It's science and art, it's numbers and design, and it's an on-going exchange between you and your customer/client/donor/volunteer.

Marketing is so more than saying you can meet the needs and wants of your target audience -- it's educating your audience and presenting how you are the BEST fit for their needs and going beyond to present solutions to needs they are likely not even aware of. Effective marketing is communication designed to tell the bigger story about your vision and inspire your customer to become a partner in that vision. 

Sure there are goals and analytics, needs and processes, but along the way, great marketing transforms these into true art with messaging, images, and narratives -- art that stays in peoples' minds, art that brings your employees together as a visionary team, art that compels action.

Our core belief: great marketing and great design are inseparable.

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