"I have had the pleasure of working with Sherri on numerous wide-ranging corporate communication projects. Sherri's depth of experience shines bright in everything she does. Her ability to blend exquisite design sense, creative/concise writing AND have the producing chops, serve every client well. Oh, and Sherri's humanity always comes through in everything she touches. Smart and talented are a great one-two punch and go a long way in any endeavor...a pleasure."         
      David Newman - Owner/Executive Producer at DNPWorks

"Sherri's ability to work at both executive and programmer levels and her unique talent for interpreting business to client requirements in a creative eCommerce website.... have driven Brook Furniture Rental results beyond expectations."
        Tom Murray - Partner, Tech Leadership, CIO, Project Management in Manufacturing & Distribution Practice
"I've both collaborated with Sherri on projects, and hired her to develop marketing materials of my own. She has remarkable insight and authoritative convictions about design, business, and the interrelatedness of those two elements. At the same time, she is a personable joy to work with. A review of her website, as formidably impressive as it is, only hints at her expertise. "
        Matt Baron - Principal at Inside Edge PR
Sherri Lasko


Sherri Lasko combines a background in fine arts, business development, marketing, and multi-media to produce power results for clients and non-profits at every level from entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 companies. Sherri grew up in the world of advertising and commercial art, working with her father (a well-known Chicago animation artist) from a very young age. She began as a production artist, then creative/business manager, and working up to the role of producer/director. After 15 years of working with several of the largest Chicago corporations, Sherri formed an agency partnership and worked for 10 years as Creative Director and Video Producer for mid sized corporations. Following that, Sherri branched out on her own as an independent consultant and designer, specializing in entrepreneurial ventures and nonprofits.

A commitment to giving back and contributing to a better world is built into Sherri's approach to every project -- corporate or nonprofit. It has given Sherri the opportunity to connect the two, bringing passion and cause to business and growth-minded best practices to nonprofits. Companies find new direction and engagement with a vision, nonprofits grow and succeed beyond expectations. 
Along the way, she's managed to make some long-lasting and incredible friendships with her clients.
Because success is built on successful relationships -- both within an organization and between a business and their clients.

For Sherri, that end goal is helping people achieve their vision, helping businesses and non-profits help others, and finding creative ways in between to support our connection to our place in a global community and our environment.

That connection also fuels Sherri's passion for nature photography. You can check out her photos at Sherri Lasko Photography or on Instagram @laskophotography.

LASKO Design & Marketing firmly believes giving back and supporting the community is key to remaining human in this business world. We are proud to partner with and support various arts, community, and non-profit endeavors with our time and talents.

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