Begin with the end in mind.

we ASK a lot of questions.
We get to know you and your business.
We learn your needs, your budget, and your goals.
We become your partner.
Think outside the box?
There is no box. Every one, every business is unique.
We create a strategy that will grow with you to support your goals.

Ideas that will set you apart from -- and above -- your competition.
Plans that will give you the forward momentum to accomplish your goals.
Solutions that will work within your budget, your timeline and your needs.

we DO
But not just to get it done, and not just to get it right.
We do it exceptionally.
Our goal is always exceed expectations.

Evaluate. Monitor. Refine.
Is it working? Are you happy?
We're in it for the long haul.


Sherri Lasko


Principal Sherri Lasko combines a background in fine arts, business development, marketing, multi-media to produce power results for clients and non-profits at every level from entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 companies.

A commitment to giving back and contributing to a better world has given Sherri the opportunity to work with an extensive list of non-profits It has also given her a unique understanding of the needs -- and potential -- of non-profits. Whether it's marketing, board development, volunteerism, or fund raising, Sherri has helped non-profits launch, grow, and succeed beyond expectations.

Along the way, she's managed to make some long-lasting and incredible friendships with her clients.
Because success is built on successful relationships --
both within an organization and between a business and their clients.

This is where it starts. This is the end goal.
And the most successful plans begin with the end in mind.

For Sherri, that end goal is helping people achieve their goals, helping businesses and non-profits help others, and finding creative ways in between to support our connection to our place in a global community and our environment.

That connection also fuels Sherri's passion for photography. You can check out her photos at Sherri Lasko Photography or on Facebook at Sherri Lasko Photography

LASKO Design & Marketing firmly believes giving back and supporting the community is key to remaining human in this business world. We are proud to partner with and support various arts and non-profit endeavors with our talents.

Business Marketers Association
Direct Marketing Association
NAPP - National Association of Photoshop Professionals
PPA - Profesional Photographers of America
NANPA - North American Nature Photography Association
NAFE - National Association of Female Executives
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